Gwenno James signature designs incorporate hand dyed and hand printed fabrics which are crafted at her studio in Beacon, New York. Using traditional textile techniques such as silk screening, marbling and blueprinting, each fabric piece is considered as a fluid canvas onto which an original surface design emerges... one color, one brushstroke, one imprint at a time. 


"I am inspired by patterns in nature...I often gather leaves, flowers and feathers as I walk along the riverfront and I print these images onto fabric. Observing the individual beauty and intricacy in nature I am reminded of how unique we all are. As a designer I enjoy meeting my customers in person and I love to create clothing which complements their own individual features."  Gwenno


"James' clothing is not factory produced ; each one is a work of art....You are assured to get a piece of clothing that is as unique as you.”  Organic Hudson Valley Magazine